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“Katie is a wonderful vocal teacher. She is very knowledgeable about the human voice and singing as well as being a delightful person to work with. As an older student I can attest to the fact that you are never too old to learn. Katie has taught me a lot and it’s been great fun.”


"Katie magically imparts a treasure trove of vocal techniques with the utmost kindness and encouragement. Her patience, generosity, and positive teaching style make each class a fun and rewarding respite from our hectic lives. Not only have my vocal skills and confidence improved immeasurably under her guidance, working with Katie has become the highlight of my week!"


"Our 14 year old daughter has been taking vocal lessons from Katie for over two years now. Our experience with Katie has been extremely positive. Not only have we noticed significant improvement in our daughter's vocal talent but we continually have people coming up to us asking who we use as her vocal teacher, and we always highly recommend Katie. Her approach with our daughter is encouraging, relatable, kind and upbeat. With Katie's help, our daughter has landed main roles in various musical theater productions as well as a lead singer position in a local kids band. I highly recommend Katie as an outstanding vocal teacher."

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