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Photo By Marvin Johnson

"Expression is Survival." 

- Hayley Williams

Welcome to the age of Expression. And what a gift to communicate through song! Welcome Vocal Explorers—my name is Katie. I am native to Arizona, home of the cotton candy skies and majestic red rocks. At the age of five, I began a marvelous journey into the world of singing. My parents trusted their instincts to support my venture into this gratifying and exciting art. Since my introduction to voice lessons, I have had over twenty years of experience receiving instruction to perfect my craft. The opportunity to perform and study from several national expert vocal instructors has been an incredible blessing. It has shaped me into the Vocal Specialist I am today. After earning an Advertising Degree from Northern Arizona University, singing has remained a natural gift and significant form of expression in my life.

My years of knowledge and experience continue to develop and now foster through teaching. My passion is to provide these valuable techniques to others. Many of our top vocal artists have used these proven methods of developing their range, power, and confidence while protecting their vocal cords. Whether you are five or seventy-five, I have been able to work with all ages to share the same desire to learn, create, and improve their current vocal abilities. I take a personal learning approach to all my students. While catering to each singers needs, I ensure a healthier technique without eliminating the unique qualities of the voice. Music is a way of seeing the world. Let me help you explore YOUR world.


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